Sherron Burgess

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In this study we asked whether growth hormone (GH) and one of its key mediators, insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), influence spinal motoneuron size in conjunction with whole body size. We present evidence that GH has such a role, possibly without the mediation of IGF-I. Both lumbar motoneuron and body size were found to be increased relative to(More)
Nuclear size and total RNA synthesis were compared in single lumbar motoneurons isolated from the grass frog. Transcription was found to correlate significantly, but not exclusively, with nuclear area or volume over a wide range of nuclear size, the largest nuclei having the highest mean transcriptional activity. Flow cytometric analysis of propidium(More)
Unilateral transection of lumbar ventral roots in the grass frog, Rana pipiens, causes large, multiphasic transcriptional responses within non-injured motoneurons as far away as the cervical enlargement. The responses, which are not seen after sham surgery, are remarkably similar in their form and timing to those which appear in the injured motoneurons,(More)
The data monitoring regulatory procedures, and administrative tasks associated with protocol management have become increasingly complex. Relational database technology and Internet-based connectivity offer resources to improve the quality and efficiency of protocol operations. At Fox Chase Cancer Center, we have developed a suite of database applications(More)
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