Sherri Davidoff

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  • S R Davidoff
  • Compendium of continuing education in dentistry
  • 1997
It has been amply demonstrated during the last decade that there are significant advantages to implant-supported overdentures beyond conventional complete dentures. Several attachment systems exist for connecting the overdenture to the implants, and practically all of them present notable benefits to the patients. This article discusses the use of the Zest(More)
  • S R Davidoff
  • Practical periodontics and aesthetic dentistry…
  • 1996
The success of a full coverage crown restoration, whether placed on a natural abutment or a dental implant, requires healthy and correctly contoured soft tissue "framing" for the restoration. Any compromise in soft tissue configuration may result in an aesthetic and functional failure of the final restoration. Traditionally, soft tissue grafts and other(More)
Brånemark provided the dental profession with guidelines for treatment planning the rehabilitation of edentulous patients with endosseous dental implants in the early 1980s. As oral implantology expanded to include the restoration of partially edentulous patients, treatment planning became increasingly more difficult. With the treatment of various areas of(More)
The use of a simple technique with an inexpensive syringe loaded with heavy-body tray material resulted in a savings of preparation time and storage space in the conditioning unit. Only one type of material needs to be liquefied. The use of the heavy-body material in syringe and tray in conjunction with a hydrophilic technique have practically eliminated(More)
Upon examination, the memory of a popular Linux distribution contained many cleartext passwords, including login, SSH, Truecrypt, email, IM and root passwords. These passwords are retained by running applications and stored as plain text in memory for extended periods of time. The author investigated the source of these passwords and presents a(More)
Extracoronal Resilient Attachment (ERA) implant-supported overdentures, Class I, Division 1 or Division 3 prostheses, provide an exceptionally stable and retentive prosthetic design for edentulous patients with osseointegrated implants. The ERA System uses either an individual female implant abutment or plastic female patterns that can be incorporated into(More)
For the past decade, the dental profession has developed techniques for producing functionally equivalent implant supported restorations to replace complete dentures. Little thought was given to the development of proper emergence profiles to develop anatomic restorations that were contoured like natural teeth. This article presents a simple method of(More)