Sherri C. Wood

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The development of vaccines against rare emerging infectious diseases is hampered by many disincentives. In the face of growing in-house expenditures associated with research and development projects in a complex legal and regulatory environment, most pharmaceutical companies prioritize their projects and streamline their product portfolio. Nevertheless,(More)
Hypoxia has been shown to elicit behavioral hypothermia in a number of different metazoan species, all with nervous systems. The protozoan, Paramecium caudatum, has no nervous system and was not expected to display behavioral hypothermia. However, this species was also found to select a lower temperature in a thermal gradient under hypoxic conditions. This(More)
CD40-CD40L blockade has potent immunosuppressive effects in cardiac allograft rejection but is less effective in the presence of inflammatory signals. To better understand the factors that mediate CD40-CD40L blockade-resistant rejection, we studied the effects of stimulation through glucocorticoid-induced TNFR-related protein (GITR), a costimulatory protein(More)
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