Sherra E. Kerns

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In 1997, the F. W. Olin Foundation of New York established the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Needham, MA, with the mission of creating an engineering school for the 21st century. Over the last five years, the college has transformed from an idea to a functioning entity that admitted its first freshman class in fall 2002. This paper describes the(More)
The rapid improvement in performance and increased density of electronic devices in integrated circuits have provided a strong motivation for the development of contactless testing and diagnostic measurement methods. This paper first reviews existing contactless test methodologies and then compares these with an all-silicon contactless testing approach that(More)
When Government drawings, specifications, or other data are used for any purpose other than in connection with a definitely Government-related procurement, the United States Government incurs no responsibility or any obligation whatsoever. The fact that the Government may have formulated or in any way supplied the said drawings, specifications, or other(More)
The importance of “design” in engineering education is well established and a cornerstone of most new engineering curricula as well as accreditation criteria. Electrical and computer engineering (ECE) programs view many elements of design in ways similar to other engineering disciplines. However, in some respects other disciplines within engineering, such(More)
This paper demonstrates an all-silicon contactless testing approach using a modified microscope system and a novel silicon LED fabricated on the "device under test". This cost effective approach utilizes optical signals and avoids known problems associated with the large number of mechanical probes required for wafer testing of advanced silicon ICs.
increasing densities, conventional mechanical testing for function and internal faults and faces challenges. Mechanical testing mainly consists of hundreds of tiny needle probes that require simultaneous contact around the chip’s periphery during testing. Mechanical probe approaches are inherently limited due to their large size and the concomitant(More)
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