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Microbial alkaline proteases dominate the worldwide enzyme market, accounting for a two-thirds share of the detergent industry. Although protease production is an inherent property of all organisms, only those microbes that produce a substantial amount of extracellular protease have been exploited commercially. Of these, strains of Bacillus sp. dominate the(More)
An increasing safety and reducing road accidents, thereby saving lives are one of great interest in the context of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Apparently, among the complex and challenging tasks of future road vehicles is road lane detection or road boundaries detection. It is based on lane detection (which includes the localization of the road, the(More)
Vehicle license plate recognition is an image-processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates. This technology can be used in various security and traffic applications, such as finding stolen cars, controlling access to car parks and gathering traffic flow statistics. In this paper an approach to license plate localization and(More)
This paper was written by a Working Group of the IEEE Power System Relay Committee to provide guidance to the industry to better coordinate generator protection with generator control. The paper discusses specific calculation methods that can be used to ensure that generator protection and excitation system control are fully coordinated. It also(More)
Abstract—In this paper, a multi-branch power line is modeled using ABCD matrix to show its worth as a communication channel. The model is simulated using MATLAB in an effort to investigate the effects of multiple loading, multipath, and those as a result of load mismatching. The channel transfer function is obtained and investigated using different cable(More)
Speech coding is a procedure used to represent a digital speech signal by as few bits as possible, maintaining at the same time a reasonable level of speech quality. Due to increasing demand for speech communications, speech coding technology has received a lot of research interest. Speech coding is performed using numerous steps or operations specified as(More)
The epidemiology of four erythromycin-resistant methylase (erm) genes, ermA, ermB, ermC and msrA, was determined in erythromycin-resistant staphylococci, enterococci and streptococci isolated from poultry litter. All isolates were resistant to multiple antibiotics. Southern hybridization indicated that 4 of the 20 staphylococci contained the ermC gene on(More)
Semantic-based information retrieval techniques understand the meanings of the concepts that users specify in their queries. The main drawback of the existing semantic-based information retrieval techniques is that none of them considers the context of the concept(s). We propose a semantic information retrieval framework to improve the precision of search(More)
All control systems suffer from problems related to undesirable overshoot, longer settling times and vibrations while going form one state to another state. Most of relevant techniques had been in the form of suggesting modification and improvement in the instrumentation or interfacing part of the control system and the results reported, remain suffering(More)
With the advancement taking place in communication technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to play a major role in realizing smartness and functionality needed for applications such as Smart Homes and Electrical Smart Grids. However, in order to achieve that far reaching goal, select concepts of computing autonomy have to be suitably ported to(More)