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Developing effective teacher beliefs about learners: the role of sensitizing teachers to individual learning differences
Effective teacher beliefs about students are an integral part of effective teaching. Teachers with interventionist beliefs about students (‘I can intervene to help a learner with difficulties’) showExpand
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Motivating Teachers to Enact Free-Choice Project-Based Learning in Science and Technology (PBLSAT): Effects of a Professional Development Model
We investigated the effects of a long-term, continuous professional development (CPD) model, designed to support teachers to enact Project-Based Learning (PBLSAT). How do novice PBLSAT teachers viewExpand
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School and out-of-school science: a model for bridging the gap
Children learn in formal (school) and informal (out-of-school) contexts. Do these children integrate what they learn in these different contexts? While some research shows that they do most of theExpand
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Understanding Teacher Responses to Constructivist Learning Environments: Challenges and Resolutions.
The research literature is just beginning to uncover factors involved in sustaining constructivist learning environments, such as Project-Based Learning (PBL). Our case study investigates teacherExpand
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The story of lead: a context for learning about responsible research and innovation (RRI) in the chemistry classroom
Responsible research and innovation (RRI) stands at the center of several EU projects and represents a contemporary view of the connection between science and society. The goal of RRI is to create aExpand
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Assessing Attitudes about Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI): The Development and Use of a Questionnaire
Abstract The purpose of this article is to trace the development, validation and use of a questionnaire for evaluating teacher and student attitudes regarding Responsible Research and InnovationExpand
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Connect: Designing the Classroom of Tomorrow by Using Advanced Technologies to Connect Formal and Informal Learning Environments
The main objective of the CONNECT project is to develop an innovative pedagogical framework that attempts to blend formal and informal learning, proposing an educational reform to science teaching. Expand
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Developing Teacher Sensitivity to Individual Learning Differences
Although it is widely agreed that teacher sensitivity to individual learning differences (ILDs) is an integral component of effective teaching, little research has focused on how to develop thisExpand
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The Impact of Computers on Student and Teacher Commitment to Learning and Teaching
During the past 15 years, the slow penetration of computers into schools, as well as their limited impact there, gives credence to the claim that computers have had a modest impact on the averageExpand
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