Sherlia Shi

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The IP multicast model allows scalable and efficient multi-party communication, particularly for groups of large size. However, deployment of IP multicast requires substantial infrastructure modifications and is hampered by a host of unresolved open problems. To circumvent this situation, we have designed and implemented ALMI, an application level group(More)
Application-level multicast is a new mechanism for enabling multicast in the Internet. Driven by the fast growth of network audio/video streams, application-level multicast has become increasingly important for its efficiency of data delivery and its ability of providing value-added services to satisfy application specific requirements. From a network(More)
Multicast services can be provided either as a basic network service or as an application-layer service. Higher level multicast implementations often provide more sophisticated features, and can provide multicast services at places where no network layer support is available. Overlay multicast networks offer an intermediate option, potentially combining the(More)
Overlay networks are becoming a popular vehicle for deploying advanced network services in the Internet. Typically , overlay networks are implemented by deploying service nodes at suitably chosen sites in the network. The number of distinct service nodes has a big influence on the operational cost of an overlay network; meanwhile, the distance between(More)
The Metaverse project aims to develop technology for low-cost, high-resolution networked immersive display environments that can be used for distributed collaboration, exploration of 3D data models, scientific visualization, and other grid-related applications. Such applications often deal with massive data set and need a high-capacity, low-latency(More)
Overlays have been proposed as a means to improve application performance in many areas, including multimedia streaming and content distribution. Some overlays use parallel transmission to increase aggregate throughput or use backup paths to improve reliability. For such applications, an important consideration is whether the "virtual links" at the overlay(More)