Sherley Codio

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The project crises, Tragedy and Recovery Network (CTRnet) is an effort to build an integrated distributed digital library for providing a rich suite of CTR-related services. This report describes an independent study conducted at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, consisting of collecting and archiving information related to the Haiti(More)
This paper describes how members of a community can collaboratively protect the privacy of the information they share via email. An extension of email tagging is used to represent communities and establish privacy protection boundaries. The approach is illustrated informally by scenarios and the key concepts are defined formally. The contributions of this(More)
Just as an individual is rightly concerned about the privacy of their personally identifying information, so also is a group of people, a community, concerned about the privacy of sensitive information entrusted to their care. Our research seeks to better understand the factors contributing to the sensitivity of community information, the privacy threats(More)
Information privacy is desired not only by individuals but also by a community of individuals to safeguard sensitive information for which they are collectively responsible. This paper reports on two aspects of privacy-aware communities that emerged from focus group interviews of three organizations: privacy awareness and situated disclosures. With respect(More)
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