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Requirements-based testing is a testing approach in which test cases are derived from requirements. Requirements represent the initial phase in software developments life cycle. Requirements are considered the basis of any software project. Therefore, any ambiguity in natural language requirements leads to major errors in the coming phases. Moreover, poorly(More)
Software testing is accounted to be an essential part in software development life cycle in terms of cost and manpower, where its total cost is considerable high. Consequently, many studies [48] have been conducted to minimize the associated cost and human effort to fix bugs and errors, and to improve the quality of testing process by automatically(More)
Regression testing is an important and expensive activity that is undertaken every time a program is modified to ensure that the changes do not introduce new bugs into previously validated code. Instead of re-running all test cases, different approaches were studied to solve regression testing problems. Data mining techniques are introduced to solve(More)
Regression testing is the type of software testing that seeks to uncover new software bugs in existing areas of a system after changes have been made to them. The significance of regression testing have grown in the past decade with the amplified adoption of agile development methodologies, which requires the execution of regression testing at the end of(More)
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