Sherin M. Moussa

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—The existence of advanced smart devices and related technologies such as pervasive computing, mobile wireless communications, sensor networks and agent technologies have supported the proliferation of smart spaces. In this paper, we present the design of " Bosthan " , a multi-agent-based simulation tool that manages resources consumption in(More)
Seamless information processing is gradually being integrated into daily human activities by creating a <i>ubiquitous computing</i> environment. Such information processing requires continuous access to the profiles of users so that the environment can act based on users' preferences. In this paper, we present a design of an experimental study of an(More)
Many techniques have been used for document clustering that depended on the number of word occurrences in documents. In these techniques, words are considered as dimensions of the clustering space. Since a huge number of words is found in each document, studies were held to reduce this high dimensionality for better performance i.e., words pruning. Sampling(More)
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