Sherif Z Kotb

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BACKGROUND At present, limb-sparing surgery is the most appropriate and acceptable treatment option for soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities. To increase the number of limb-sparing resections in the treatment of locally advanced soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities, preoperative radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy are often used. Isolated limb perfusion(More)
Minimal access surgery in the thyroid compartment has evolved considerably over the past 10 years and now takes many forms. This study examined the feasibility and reliability of minimally invasive thyroid surgery for the management of small benign thyroid lesions. A total of 68 patients with small thyroid nodules admitted to the Oncology Center of Mansoura(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to define an algorithm for the choice of reconstructive method for defects after laryngo-pharyngo-esophagectomy for hypopharyngeal carcinoma. METHODS One hundred and forty two cases of hypopharyngeal carcinoma were included and operated on by either partial pharyngectomy, total pharyngectomy or esophagectomy. The(More)
Breast reconstruction is considered as an integrated part of the modern breast surgery. The aim of this study is to evaluate whether immediate autologous breast reconstruction influences QOL and patient satisfaction outcomes among Egyptian women with breast cancer in comparison to the traditional mastectomy. This is a prospective study in which 200 Egyptian(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical management of breast cancer in large-breasted women presents a real challenge. This study aims to evaluate the outcome of therapeutic reduction mammoplasty in large-breasted women with breast cancer using superior and superomedial pedicles, situated at any breast quadrant except for the central and upper medial quadrants. METHODS Fifty(More)
This study was designed to investigate the impact of liver cirrhosis due to chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection on the disease-free and overall survival of ovarian cancer patients undergoing a standard primary operation followed by standard chemotherapy. Attainment of the operative goals, intra- and postoperative events, possible complications under(More)
Background: We report our long term results of isolated limb infusion (ILI) in cases of locally advanced soft-tissue sarcoma (ASTS) of the extremities. Methods: Forty cases of ASTS received ILI with doxorubicin. Preoperative external beam radiotherapy started within 3-7 days after ILI was administered. After 3-7 weeks, surgery was performed aiming at limb(More)
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