Sherif M. Abuelenin

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Titanium dioxide (TiO<sub>2</sub>) memristors exhibit complex conduction mechanism. Several models of different complexity have been developed in order to mimic the experimental results for physical behaviors observed in memristor devices. Pickett's tunneling barrier model describes the TiO<sub>2</sub> memristors, and utilizes complex derivative of tunnel(More)
—Memristor (memory-resistor) is the fourth passive circuit element. We introduce a memristor model based on a fuzzy logic window function. Fuzzy models are flexible, which enables the capture of the pinched hysteresis behavior of the memristor. The introduced fuzzy model avoids common problems associated with window-function based memristor models, such as(More)
  • S. Abuelenin
  • 2012
Trust has been recognized as important factor for Grid computing security. Trust is the degree of belief in the resource provider's competence to complete user's task dependably, securely and reliably in a specific context at a given time. In this paper, we propose the trust model in Grid system. It consists of Application Domain (AD), Client Domain (CD),(More)
— In this article we use real traffic data to confirm that vehicle velocities follow Gaussian distribution in steady state traffic regimes (free-flow, and congestion). We also show that in the transition between free-flow and congestion, the velocity distribution is better modeled by generalized extreme value distribution (GEV). We study the effect of the(More)
—V-BLAST detection method suffers large computational complexity due to its successive detection of symbols. In this paper, we propose a modified V-BLAST algorithm to decrease the computational complexity by reducing the number of detection iterations required in MIMO communication systems. We begin by showing the existence of a maximum number of(More)
To help with the planning of intervehicular communication networks, an accurate understanding of traffic behavior and traffic phase transition is required. We calculate intervehicle spacings from empirical data collected in a multilane highway in California, USA. We calculate the correlation coefficients for spacings between vehicles in individual lanes to(More)
—This article introduces the idea of decomposition of interval Type-2 fuzzy logic system into two parallel type-1 fuzzy systems. This decomposition avoids the problems associated with type-reduction techniques normally needed in type-2 fuzzy systems. Next, we compare the performance of a decomposed type-2 controller to the performance of a type-1 controller(More)