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The high chloride content of 0.9% saline leads to adverse pathophysiological effects in both animals and healthy human volunteers, changes not seen after balanced crystalloids. Small randomized trials confirm that the hyperchloremic acidosis induced by saline also occurs in patients, but no clinical outcome benefit was demonstrable when compared with(More)
There is paucity of data on Enhanced Recovery After Bariatric Surgery (ERABS) protocols. This feasibility study reports outcomes of this protocol utilized within a tertiary-referral bariatric centre. Data on consecutive primary procedures (laparoscopic gastric bypasses, sleeve gastrectomies and gastric bands) performed over 9 months within an ERABS protocol(More)
Whilst malnutrition is prevalent in approximately 40% of general surgical patients, the prevalence of malnutrition and nutritional screening practices amongst vascular patients remain unknown. The Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) is recommended for risk screening and provides 3 scores for risk classification: 0=low risk, 1=intermediate risk,(More)
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