Sherif Assaad

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IATROGENIC INTRAOPERATIVE aortic dissection is a potentially fatal complication of cardiac surgery. Early diagnosis and treatment are vital to good outcome. Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) is the modality of choice for diagnosis of aortic dissection, but the ability of TEE to detect localized aortic dissection at the distal ascending aorta and(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This review presents the current available data to date regarding the perioperative risks associated with fluid management in thoracic surgery and its implications on the development of acute lung injury (ALI) as well as acute kidney injury (AKI). RECENT FINDINGS The debate over the adequate fluid management during lung resection surgery(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite increasing evidence on the roles of aspirin and clopidogrel in decreasing morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease, resistance to therapy remains an emerging clinical entity. The aim of this review was to revisit current knowledge of the mechanisms, laboratory evaluation, clinical impact and management of resistance to(More)
AIMS Increases in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes will likely be greater in the Middle East and other developing countries than in most other regions during the coming two decades, placing a heavy burden on regional healthcare resources. METHODOLOGY Medline search, examination of data from major epidemiological studies in the Middle Eastern countries.(More)
Tissue edema, in particular pulmonary edema, increasingly is recognized as a perioperative complication affecting outcome. Management strategies directed at avoiding excessive fluid administration, reducing inflammatory response, and decreasing capillary permeability commonly are advocated in perioperative care protocols. In this review, transpulmonary(More)
OBJECTIVE The optimal fluid management for lung resection surgery remains undefined. Concern related to postoperative pulmonary edema has led to the practice of fluid restriction. This practice risks hypovolemia and tissue hypoperfusion. The authors examined the extravascular lung water accumulation and tissue perfusion biomarkers under protective lung(More)
The role of constitutional and environmental factors on the risk of non-melanomatous skin cancer was evaluated in a case-control study conducted in 1992 in Alexandria, Egypt, on 136 incident histologically confirmed (99 basal-cell and 37 squamous-cell) cases of non-melanomatous skin cancer (NMSC) and 145 controls in hospital for a broad spectrum of acute(More)
In France, tuberculosis (TB) is still a health issue among underprivileged people and immigrants. We report a case of disseminated tuberculosis with intestinal involvement causing ill absorption and thus, making oral treatment impossible. Intestinal TB is often underrated and yet, malabsorption may lead to treatment failure or to developing antibiotic(More)
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