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Caveolae are cell membrane invaginations that are highly abundant in adipose tissue, endothelial cells and the lung. The formation of caveolae is dependent on the expression of various structural proteins that serve as scaffolding for these membrane invaginations. Cavin1 is a newly identified structural protein whose deficiency in mice leads to loss of(More)
In this work, we identify the importance of building a reference architecture for pervasive systems that could be used as part of a specification of a software product line for this domain. In an attempt to eventually specify such reference architecture, we studied over fifty published architectures for pervasive systems. We then extracted the major(More)
The invention of IPTV created an opportunity for product and service providers to better target their audience and cater for their needs through recommending advertisements based on user interests and context. Instead of publishing an advertisement to the mass market, it is now possible to select who to watch which advertisement based on the target audience(More)
In this paper, we attempt to summarize online discussions by filtering posts. Selecting the highly related posts from the discussion boards leads to a summarized version of the discussion. Online Discussion Summarizer (ODS) is based on unsupervised information retrieval techniques. Four features are used in the summarization function; which are the term(More)
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