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  • Brenguier, J.-L, +26 authors F.-M
  • 2004
model to determine the cloud droplet number concentration enables us to separate the effects of the cloud LWP and cloud droplet number concentration on the cloud optical depth. An examination of the TOA shortwave flux from the radiative transfer model applied to the two sites does not directly confirm the indirect effect, because the observed surface(More)
We describe here the evaluation of a cross-language information retrieval technique based on similarity thesauri in a multi-media document environment, such as is likely to be found in a digital library. We present the theory of similarity thesauri, which are information structures derived from corpora, and show how they can be used for cross-language(More)
We present here the realisation of cross-language speech retrieval system which retrieves German speech documents in response to user queries speciied as French text. This has been achieved through the integration of two existing modules of the SPIDER information retrieval system, namely the query pseudo-translation module and the speech retrieval module.(More)
Forest fire is known to lead to increases in sediment and nutrient yield from burnt catchments. A program of hillslope-scale field measurement was initiated following a severe forest wildfire in Victoria in 2003 to quantify the changes in site properties and erosion processes due to the fire. Experimental methods included rainfall simulation, overland flow(More)
Sir,—We read with interest the report on the effects of a bolus dose of etomidate on cortisol and ACTH secretion (Duthie, Fraser and Nimmo, 1985). We cannot, however, accept the conclusion that "a bolus dose of etomidate 0.3 mg kg"' causei no significant adrenocortical suppression". Other studies have noted an increase in cortisol secretion which occurs(More)
CLINICALCHEMISTRY, Vol. 30, No. 7, 1984 1271 suggest the following general categolies to define more rigorously those #{149}lectrophoreticallyatypical U) isoenzymes: Type I: macro-LD as complexes of true U) with immunoglobulins (7, 8). Type II:chemical variants of true LD a. genetic (9) b U) from different genetic loci [e.g., LD-X in sperm (10)1 c. possible(More)
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