Sheridan Jeary

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Although many web development methods exist, they are rarely used by practitioners. The work reported here, seeks to explain why this might be so, and suggests that, for many, the perceived benefits may be outweighed by the difficulty or effort required to learn the method. In attempting to gauge the utility of methods the authors undertook a 2-year study(More)
Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) brings benefits to software development, among them the potential for connecting software models with the business domain. This paper focuses on the upstream or Computation-Independent Model (CIM) phase of MDA. Our contention is that, whilst there are many models and notations available within the CIM phase, those that are(More)
Mashup is a new web 2.0 technology for data aggregation applications, combining data from different sources to create valuable information. The uses of mashups are often more data related than process related. In this paper, we explore the differences between data-oriented mashups and process-oriented enterprise mashups and consider how process mashups can(More)
The publication of increasing amounts of anonymised open source data has resulted in a worryingly rising number of successful re-identification attacks. This has a number of privacy and security implications both on an individual and corporate level. This paper uses a systematic literature review to investigate the depth and extent of this problem as(More)
Within requirements engineering, it is generally accepted that in writing specifications (or indeed any requirements phase document), one attempts to produce an artefact which will be simple to comprehend for the user. That is, whether the document is intended for customers to validate requirements, or engineers to understand what the design must deliver,(More)
This paper introduces a requirements framework intended to guide novice web developers. The work is based on two earlier studies which found that the requirements phase is not well served in web development methods and that there is no agreed set of requirements from practitioners as to what they would like to see in a web development method. The(More)
Software-mediated interactions introduce a new set of etiquettes not necessarily analogous to face-to-face interactions. Current software systems are not prepared to accommodate how users differ in their perception of the considerate nature of an interaction. Being socially inconsiderate affects the relationship between colleagues, their cooperation level,(More)