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Structural barriers to antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence are economic, institutional, political and cultural factors, that collectively influence the extent to which persons living with HIV follow their medication regimens. We identify three sets of structural barriers to ART adherence that are salient in Southern Africa: poverty-related,(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac rehabilitation programs offer effective means to prevent recurrence of a cardiac event, but poor uptake of current programs have been reported globally. Home based models are considered as a feasible alternative to avoid various barriers related to care centre based programs. This paper sets out the study design for a clinical trial(More)
Six types of family-of-origin frames-coping, modeling, role, definition, reversal, and loyalty frames-are utilized in understanding three common couple interactional situations: pursuing/distancing, overfunctioning/underfunctioning, and blaming/placating. Clinical examples are used to illustrate the process of constructing family-of-origin frames in couples(More)
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