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Although engagement and learning appear linked, quantitatively measuring this relationship is challenging. New technologies offer a window into studying the interactions among classroom activity, student engagement, and positive learning outcomes in computer-equipped classrooms. A Classroom Behavioral Analysis System (CBAS) was developed to measure student(More)
Planning in writing is a strategic response to both the writing situation and the writer's own knowledge. T his paper describes the process adult writers bring to ill-defined, expository tasks, such as writing essays, articles, reports and proposals. In planning, writers draw on (nest and integrate) three executive level strategies: knowledge-driven(More)
This study examines the teaching and learning of writing for secondary school students as it occurs in the interactive context of teacher-student writing conferences-that is, private teacher-student conversations about the students' writing or writing process. Following ethnographic procedures, the study examines naturally-occurring conferences in a(More)
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