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Relational aggression in college students: Examining the roles of social anxiety and empathy
This study examined the unique contributions of social anxiety and empathy to relational aggression in 300 19-to-25-year-old (M = 21.25; SD = 1.32) male (n = 97) and female (n = 203) college studentsExpand
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Altering Educational Environments through Positive Peer Reporting: Prevention and Remediation of Social Problems Associated with Behavior Disorders.
Typical classroom management procedures designed to reduce instances of inappropriate social behavior (i.e., tattling and punishment systems) may adversely impact the social development and socialExpand
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Early Adolescent Social and Overt Aggression: Examining the Roles of Social Anxiety and Maternal Psychological Control
This study examined the factors contributing to the self-reported use of social and overt aggression among 745 10–14-year-old European American and Latino adolescents. Hierarchical multipleExpand
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Examining the Moderating Role of Perceived School Climate in Early Adolescent Adjustment.
The current study examined the unique and interactive relations of 4 aspects of student-perceived school climate (cohesion, friction, and competition among students, and overall satisfaction withExpand
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Applying Herrnstein's Matching Law to Influence Students' Choice to Complete Difficult Academic Tasks
Abstract In an extension of choice research and Herrnstein's matching law to a more ecologically valid setting, college students were asked to work on a control mathematics assignment containing 16Expand
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The Effects of Two Taped-Words Interventions on Sight-Word Reading in Students with Mental Retardation
Multiple-baseline and alternating treatments design elements were combined to evaluate the effects of two taped-words (TW) interventions (rapid-paced and slow-paced) on sight-word reading accuracyExpand
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