Sheri L. Albers

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Objective. To describe the MR findings in athletes with pubalgia. Design and patients. Pelvic MR images of 32 athletes (30 men, 2 women) with pubalgia were studied. T1-weighted and T2-weighted (SE and FSE) and STIR images in the axial and coronal planes were obtained on a 1.5-T system. Images were reviewed for general pelvic pathology. Special attention was(More)
OBJECTIVE Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a disorder of exocrine gland function of which the gene mutation has been existing for thousands of years. With recent medical advances, neonates presently affected have a life expectancy of 40 years. The common gastrointestinal presentations of CF patients, including pancreatic, hepatobiliary, and bowel manifestations, are(More)
There are many ways to image the cervical vasculature. Each of the imaging techniques will be discussed in detail, including the method of performance, the quality of the images, the advantages and disadvantages compared to other techniques, and the potential complications. The disease entities will be discussed and illustrated with pathologically and(More)
BACKGROUND Opioid use, abuse, and adverse consequences, including death, have escalated at an alarming rate since the 1990s. In an attempt to control opioid abuse, numerous regulations and guidelines for responsible opioid prescribing have been developed by various organizations. However, the US opioid epidemic is continuing and drug dose deaths tripled(More)
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