Sheri B Ayers

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An extracellular enzyme which utilizes molecular oxygen to oxidize cellodextrins to the corresponding aldonic acids has been isolated from culture filtrates of the white-rot fungus Sporotrichum pulverulentum. This enzyme, tentatively named cellobiose oxidase, has been highly purified by classical techniques and has been demonstrated to be a glycoprotein(More)
The extracellular polysaccharides produced as slime or capsule layers by bacterial pathogens of animals and plants have been often implicated as factors essential to pathogenesis. In the present study, virulence of the plant pathogen Erwinia amylovora was correlated with the ability to produce extracellular polysaccharide (EPS). EPS production by a series(More)
Common forensic and mass disaster scenarios present DNA evidence that comprises a mixture of several contributors. Identifying the presence of an individual in such mixtures has proven difficult. In the current study, we evaluate the practical usefulness of currently available "off-the-shelf" SNP microarrays for such purposes. We found that a set of 3000(More)
In this study, the genetic substructure and morphology of the species Neusticomys monticolus was evaluated. A nuclear marker and mitochondrial maker were used to examine phylogeographic structure and to estimate genetic distances. Two statistical measurement analyses were applied to morphological data. These data recovered two morphologically distinct(More)
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