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Insulin appears in the developing mouse pancreas at embryonic day 12 (e12). Transgenic mice harboring three distinct hybrid genes utilizing insulin gene regulatory information first express the transgene product two days earlier, at e10, in a few cells of the pancreatic bud. Throughout development and postnatal life, all of the insulin-producing (beta)(More)
Three different cases of pancreatic beta cell hyperplasia in mice are accompanied by an increase in a subclass of cells expressing tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), a neuronal enzyme. In the nontumorigenic cases of islet growth during normal pregnancy and in the obese mutant mouse, the TH-insulin cells do not divide, in contrast to the "insulin-only" cells. In(More)
BACKGROUND Decreased dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH) activity has been reported in unipolar psychotic depression. DBH comparisons between elderly delusional and nondelusional depressives and controls and determination of whether pretreatment group differences persist have not been reported. Our objective was to compare DBH activity in elderly delusional(More)
Transgenic mice expressing simian virus 40 T antigen under control of the insulin gene regulatory region vary in their response to this protein. Each lineage is characteristically either tolerant to T antigen, or not, in which case autoantibodies arise with high frequency, and lymphocytes infiltrate and disrupt the pancreatic islets. Both non-tolerance and(More)
Transmission of the bovine papillomavirus-1 (BPV-1) genome through the mouse germ line results in the heritable formation of fibropapillomas of the skin, a tissue-specific phenotype analogous to that observed in natural BPV-1 infection of cattle. Oncogenesis is slow, with tumours first arising at 8-9 months of age, usually in areas prone to wounding.(More)
Cool Water, the world's first commercial-scale, integrated coal gasification combined cycle power plant, has been operating successfully since May 1984 near Barstow, California. The 100-megawatt plant, which was completed ahead of schedule and under budget, is probably the cleanest coal-fired power generating facility now in commercial operation. An ongoing(More)
Projections to the middle of the next century indicate that unabated historical global energy trends would lead to an annual global energy demand about four times present levels, primarily due to population and economic growth. But extensive global conservation and energy-efficient systems might reduce this value by half. The cumulative effect of the coming(More)
Pre-treatment and posttreatment dexamethasone suppression test (DST) results in physically healthy elderly major depressives without dementia demonstrated an association between treatment and DST normalization. Sixty percent of subjects were nonsuppressors at baseline compared to 17% after intensive treatment. DST results normalized in 75% of initial(More)
The electric utility industry is being severely affected by rapidly escalating gas and oil prices, restrictive environmental and licensing regulations, and an extremely tight money market. Integrated coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants have the potential to be economically competitive with present commercial coal-fired power plants while(More)