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Looking White People in the Eye: Gender, Race, and Culture in Courtrooms and Classrooms
In this book Sherene Razack explores what happens when whites look at non-whites, and in particular at non-white women. Most studies examining this encounter between dominant and subordinate groupsExpand
Casting Out: The Eviction of Muslims from Western Law and Politics
Three stereotypical figures have come to represent the 'war on terror' - the 'dangerous' Muslim man, the 'imperilled' Muslim woman, and the 'civilized' European. Casting Out explores the use of theseExpand
Gendered Racial Violence and Spatialized Justice: The Murder Pamela George
Résumé En 1995, Pamela George a été brutalement assassinée par deux jeunes athlètes universitaires de dix-huit ans. Les deux hommes condamnés pour meurtre se virent infliger des peines légères pourExpand
Dark Threats and White Knights: The Somalia Affair, Peacekeeping, and the New Imperialism
Somalia. March 4, 1993. Two Somalis are shot in the back by Canadian peacekeepers, one fatally. Barely two weeks later, sixteen-year-old Shidane Abukar Arone is tortured to death. Dozens of CanadianExpand
Imperilled Muslim Women, Dangerous Muslim Men and Civilised Europeans: Legal and Social Responses to Forced Marriages
How is it possible to acknowledge and confront patriarchal violence within Muslim migrant communities without descending into cultural deficit explanations (they are overly patriarchal and inherentlyExpand
Stealing the Pain of Others: Reflections on Canadian Humanitarian Responses
There is always something mysterious about human empathy, and when we feel it and when we don't. Its sudden upwelling at this particular moment caught everyone by surprise. Slaves and other subjuga...
What Is to Be Gained by Looking White People in the Eye? Culture, Race, and Gender in Cases of Sexual Violence
Was it just that old race thing that had thrown her off when her eyes met Grace's? Her neighbour Wilma's father said he'd never in his adult life looked a white person in the eye. He'd grown up inExpand
The ‘Sharia Law Debate’ in Ontario: The Modernity/Premodernity Distinction in Legal Efforts to Protect Women from Culture
The normative figure in Western feminism remains the liberal autonomous individual of modernity. ‹Other’ women are those who have their freedom to choose restricted. Typically, ‹other’ women areExpand