Shereen El Feki

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The Global Commission on HIV and the Law was established in 2010 to identify and analyse the complex framework of international, national, religious and customary law shaping national responses to HIV and the well-being of people living with HIV and key populations. Two years of deliberation, based on an exhaustive review of international public health and(More)
The pharmaceutical industry is ailing. Shereen El Feki takes its pulse and predicts a partial recovery On the face of it, Big Pharma rms are in a business to die for. Populations in rich countriessand increasingly developing ones toooare getting older, and many people suer from chronic conditions. Global drug sales have almost doubled since 1997, and will(More)
Vascular calcifications are common in uremic patients whereas calciphylaxis is rare. We report the case of a 45-year-old woman on chronic hemodialysis since 1977. She had a subtotal parathyroidectomy in 1985, aortic and mitral valve replacement in 1986, and has been treated since then with nicoumalone. In June 1991, she presented with repeated, painful(More)
010 About a decade ago, I went wandering around Cairo’s City of the Dead. This might sound like a grim bit of tourism, but my connection to that vast necropolis runs deep—quite literally, as my family is buried there. After visiting their grave, I rambled through the city’s dusty alleyways, past hundreds of years of history. Yet what I remember most about(More)
In recent decades, attitudes in many parts of the Arab region have hardened towards non-conforming sexualities and gender roles, a shift fuelled in part by a rise in Islamic conservatism and exploited by authoritarian regimes. While political cultures have proved slow to change in the wake of the 'Arab Spring', a growing freedom of expression, and(More)
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