Shereef Abu Al-Maati

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Healthcare applications that have access control, disclosure management and or privacy enforcement requirements may implement the respective solutions to these issues at the application level or at the database level or in both. Unfortunately, there are technical and non-technical factors that influence what can be done. In this paper we present a flexible,(More)
Privacy and personal information have penetrated all forms of todaypsilas business transactions such as banking and e-commerce to new forms of socializing online such as Facebook, to ones own health records. In protecting such sensitive & private data several initiatives have been created in various forms from legislation, PIPEDA to policies such as(More)
One goal of software engineering instructors is to educate students about principles underlying the various phases of the software life cycle. Instructors work towards preparing and equipping students with knowledge and experience that will accommodate the student’s transition from academia to industry. Thus, allowing the students to be an asset to the work(More)
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