Sheree M. Williams

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Background: This paper presents the results of systematic reviews of the effectiveness, applicability, other effects, economic impact, and barriers to use of selected population-based interventions intended to improve vaccination coverage. The related systematic reviews are linked by a common conceptual approach. These reviews form the basis for(More)
rDNA nontranscribed spacer (NTS) lengths of Drosophila mercatorum have been measured in individuals from several geographic regions. Individuals from the different geographic subpopulations share some length fragments but are in general distinct. The length differences, both within and between individuals, arise from different copy numbers of a 250-bp(More)
Full-length genome sequencing of pathogenic and attenuated (for chickens) avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) strains of the same serotype was conducted to identify genetic differences between the pathotypes. Analysis of the consensus full-length genome for three different IBV serotypes (Ark, GA98, and Mass41) showed that passage in(More)
DNA variation from randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) (1, 2) has recently been helpful in addressing a wide range of evolutionary problems including the determination of paternity and maternity (3). It has been greeted with particular enthusiasm because it is fast, technically easy and requires little material (4). By using single 10 base primers of(More)
  • S M Williams
  • 1985
The effect of developmental time on the maintenance of an enzyme polymorphism is analyzed under the assumption that competition exists for a reproductively essential resource. Specifically, in laboratory vials Drosophila compete for oviposition and pupation sites. This system of competition serves as a prototype for the model with late-eclosing individuals(More)
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