Sheree Dukes Conrad

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This self-report study examined the risk factors for deliberate self-harm among college students. Results indicated that insecure attachment, childhood separation, emotional neglect, sexual abuse, and dissociation were significant predictors of self-harm. Substantial gender differences in the risk factors for self-harm behavior were also revealed.(More)
In strabismus surgery, the characteristics of the needle will affect the length and depth of the scleral bite. In comparing the needle curve, it was found that the acute curve will produce a significantly shorter bite but of equal depth when compared with the needle with a shallow curve. In comparing the effect of the point at the needle, it was found that(More)
Reproduction can alter the course of ovine nematodiasis; fecal nematode egg concentrations often increase near lambing and throughout lactation, a phenomenon referred to as the periparturient rise. To identify the host mechanisms that might link these disparate events, i.e. lactation and the fecundity of gastrointestinal trichostrongyles, ovariectomized(More)
We report the case of a 65-year-old black man who presented to our facility with pseudo-obstruction of the bowel within two weeks of the initiation of oral sustained-release procainamide hydrochloride therapy. The syndrome continued despite conversion to intravenous procainamide and only resolved after discontinuation of the medication. We believe that the(More)
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