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Nucleotide diversity in eight genes related to wood formation was investigated in two pine species, Pinus pinaster and P. radiata. The nucleotide diversity patterns observed and their properties were compared between the two species according to the specific characteristics of the samples analysed. A lower diversity was observed in P. radiata compared with(More)
DNA sequence analysis of chloroplast genomes has revealed many short nucleotide repeats analogous to nuclear microsatellites, or simple sequence repeats (SSRs). We designed PCR primers flanking five of these regions identified in the chloroplast sequence from Pinus thunbergii and tested them for amplification in Pinus radiata, P. elliotii, P. taeda, P.(More)
Wood formation was investigated at five heights along the bole for two unrelated trees of Pinus radiata. Both trees showed clear gradients in wood properties from the base to the crown. Cambial cells at the base of the tree were dividing 3.3-fold slower than those at the crown, while the average thickness of cell walls in wood was highest at the base. Cell(More)
A simple, semi-automatable procedure was developed for converting expressed sequence tags (ESTs) into mappable genetic markers. The polymerase chain reaction is used to amplify regions immediately 5′ or 3′ to the coding regions of genes in order to maximise sequence variability between alleles. Fragment length and nucleotide substitution polymorphisms among(More)
Efficient construction of reasonable density genetic linkage maps is an essential component of QTL detection programmes. The AFLP technique has been used to produce genetic linkage maps in a range of species. We have developed protocols to generate reproducible AFLP profiles in Pinus radiata and have evaluated the inheritance and informativeness of AFLP(More)
The low density of genetic markers on livestock maps limits progress in positional cloning projects. We demonstrate a strategy of combining comparative mapping with AFLP fingerprinting to develop physical maps in a defined region of the sheep genome. Sequence tagged sites for alcohol dehydrogenase 2 (ADH2) and microsomal triglyceride transfer protein (MTP)(More)
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