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Computer programming is the core of computer science curriculum. Several programming languages have been used to teach the first course in computer programming, and such languages are referred to as first programming language (FPL). The pool of programming languages has been evolving with the development of new languages, and from this pool different(More)
This paper presents a novel content-based image retrieval technique based on Gaussian mixture probability model. The proposed technique provides the solution toward matching arbitrary images based on color, shape and texture. Glyph structure of the image, which inclines on the shape and texture attributes, is modeled and used for content matching. Gaussian(More)
The most expedient unit of the human body is its cell. Encapsulated within the cell are many infinitesimal entities and molecules which are protected by a cell membrane. The proteins that are associated with this lipid based bilayer cell membrane are known as membrane proteins and are considered to play a significant role. These membrane proteins exhibit(More)
Surveillance is an important need for a secured and supervised environment. Manual supervision for the purpose of surveillance proves to be expensive and prone to slipups. Many researchers have worked to provide an automated solution to this problem. In this article, we present a solution to this problem using image moments and recurrent neural networks.(More)
The paper presents the vector-host disease with a variability in population. We assume, the disease is fatal and for some cases the infected individuals become susceptible. We first show the local and global stability of the disease-free equilibrium, for the case when R 0 < 1. We also show that for R 0 < 1, the disease free-equilibrium of the model is both(More)
This paper extends the Petri net (PN)-based modeling of multi-elevator control system for M floors and N elevators which provides the generic PN model of the system. A new class of Petri nets is introduced known as elevator control Petri net (ECPN) for such purpose. The model of the multi-elevator control system is developed through components, whereas the(More)
This paper presents a biometric technique for identification of a person using the iris image. The iris is first segmented from the acquired image of an eye using an edge detection algorithm. The disk shaped area of the iris is transformed into a rectangular form. Described moments are extracted from the grayscale image which yields a feature vector(More)
The quantity of information placed on the web has been greater than before and is increasing rapidly day by day. Searching through the huge amount of data and finding the most relevant and useful result set involves searching, ranking, and presenting the results. Most of the users probe into the top few results and neglect the rest. In order to increase(More)
In wireless network research, simulation is the most imperative technique to investigate the network's behavior and validation. Wireless networks typically consist of mobile hosts; therefore, the degree of validation is influenced by the underlying mobility model, and synthetic models are implemented in simulators because real life traces are not widely(More)
Departure routine is essential part in the air traffic control and must be formally designed to avoid potential hazards and to verify proper functioning of the underlying processes. This paper addresses the Petri net approach to formally model the departure routine of the aircraft which ensures the organized flow of air traffic during departure. First, the(More)