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Computer programming is the core of computer science curriculum. Several programming languages have been used to teach the first course in computer programming, and such languages are referred to as first programming language (FPL). The pool of programming languages has been evolving with the development of new languages, and from this pool different(More)
Proteins are the executants of biological functions in living organisms. Comprehension of protein structure is a challenging problem in the era of proteomics, computational biology, and bioinformatics because of its pivotal role in protein folding patterns. Owing to the large exploration of protein sequences in protein databanks and intricacy of protein(More)
The most expedient unit of the human body is its cell. Encapsulated within the cell are many infinitesimal entities and molecules which are protected by a cell membrane. The proteins that are associated with this lipid based bilayer cell membrane are known as membrane proteins and are considered to play a significant role. These membrane proteins exhibit(More)
Railway interlocking is a safety critical system because its incorrect functioning may cause serious consequences. Modeling of a reliable interlocking has become a challenging problem due to its inherent complexity and introduction of new technologies. In this paper, formal analysis of safety properties of moving block interlocking is presented preventing(More)
Railway interlocking system is a distributed, safety, monetary and environmentally critical system and its failure may cause the loss of human life, severe injuries, loss of money and environmental damages. The complexity of this system requires formal modeling and step by step refinement for its construction and development. The formal specification-based(More)
This paper presents a novel content-based image retrieval technique based on Gaussian mixture probability model. The proposed technique provides the solution toward matching arbitrary images based on color, shape and texture. Glyph structure of the image, which inclines on the shape and texture attributes, is modeled and used for content matching. Gaussian(More)
In recent years, the volume of air traffic has increased dramatically which caused for unwanted delay in flights at the airports during the departure and arrival process of aircrafts. In this paper we have proposed step by step modeling process for the departure of the aircraft with the coordination of the air traffic controllers. These controllers are(More)
Multi-agent systems technology has generated lots of incitements, because of it used for distributed, intelligent and safety critical system. The failure of some system may cause the loss of human life, severe injuries, loss of money and environmental damages. To get the robust, safe and reliable multi-agent system it requires formal modeling and step by(More)