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SUMMARY Typical weather and climate models need a software tool to couple sub-scale model components. The high-performance computing requirements and a variety of model interfaces make the development of such a coupling tool very challenging. In this paper, we describe the approach of the Earth System Modeling Framework, in particular its component and(More)
Quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) modeling has become increasingly important in pharmaceutical research and development, and is a powerful tool to gain mechanistic insights into the complex dynamics of biological systems in response to drug treatment. However, even once a suitable mathematical framework to describe the pathophysiology and mechanisms(More)
Chromatographic and non-chromatographic purification of biopharmaceuticals depend on the interactions between protein molecules and a solid-liquid interface. These interactions are dominated by the protein-surface properties, which are a function of protein sequence, structure, and dynamics. In addition, protein-surface properties are critical for in vivo(More)
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