Shenshen Gu

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In this paper, the K-Winners-Take-All (KWTA) problem is formulated equivalently to a linear program. A recurrent neural network for KWTA is then proposed for solving the linear programming problem. The KWTA network is globally convergent to the optimal solution of the KWTA problem. Simulation results are further presented to show the effectiveness and(More)
K-Winner-take-all (kWTA) is an operation that identifies the k largest inputs from multiple input signals. It has important applications in machine learning, statistics filtering and sorting, etc. As the number of inputs becomes large and the selection process should be operated in real time, parallel algorithms are desirable. For these reasons, many neural(More)
In this paper, we proposed a recurrent neural network to compute the distance between a point to an ellipsoid in n spatial dimensions. So far, the problem used to be solved by traditional mathematical algorithms, which is either too slow in computing time or too one-sided in applications. Our proposed neural network, which makes use of a cost gradient(More)
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