Shenpei Chen

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The detection of replication attacks in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has been a long-standing problem. Many variants of replication attacks were spawned such as the sybil attack. In this paper, we proposed a regional statistics detection scheme (RSDs) against sybil attacks, which is an effective solution to three key issues: firstly, we address the sybil(More)
It is necessary to transmit the image from the ammunition platform to the terrestrial system in real time when the TV guided weapon strikes the ground target. For the large amount of HDTV images, due to the limited bandwidth of signal transmission, real-time transmission can't be realized. As an emerging theory, compressive sensing provides the possibility(More)
Grayness correlation is a method with high reliability for target recognition. However, there is a lack of reliable guidelines for matching results. Basing on normalized correlation, this thesis uses the SURF (Speed up Robust Features) algorithm of local features of an image to verify matching results. By fully utilizing the global and local information of(More)
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