Shenjie Huang

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It has been known that the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) was closely correlated with DNA hypomethylation in CD4+ T cells, in which DNA methyltransferase plays a certain role. This study therefore investigated the effect of miR-126 on CD4+ T cell subgroup in RA patients and the alternation of DNA hypomethylation, in an attempt to provide new sights(More)
In this paper, the IM/DD spatial-mode multiplexing free-space optical communication systems are investigated. Different from those systems studied in the literature where mutually incoherent channels are assumed, we investigate a more practical SMM system with mutually coherent channels. Due to the nonlinear property of the square-law detectors, receiver(More)
In this paper, different optical detection schemes are investigated in the presence of turbulence-induced effects. Both log-amplitude fluctuations and angle-of-arrival (AOA) fluctuations introduced by atmospheric turbulence are taken into account in channel modelling. The impact of the angular spread can be thus determined based on the performance of the(More)
This work investigates spatial-mode multiplexing (SMM) for practical free-space optical communication (FSO) systems using direct detection. Unlike several works in the literature where mutually incoherent channels are assumed, we consider mutually coherent channels that accurately describe SMM FSO systems employing a single laser source at the transmitter(More)
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