Shengzhong Su

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DNA methylation plays a vital role in tuning gene expression in response to environmental stimuli. Here, methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphisms (MSAP) were used to assess the effect of cold stress on the extent and patterns of DNA methylation in maize seedlings. Overall, cold-induced genome-wide DNA methylation polymorphisms accounted for 32.6 to(More)
A proteomic approach based on two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) and mass spectrometry was performed to investigate somatic embryogenesis in the H99 inbred maize line by comparing embryogenic and non-embryogenic callus. Protein spots (n = 42) were differentially expressed between embryogenic calli and non-embryogenic calli according to our image(More)
Intact somatic embryos were obtained from an elite maize inbred line Y423, bred in our laboratory. Using 13-day immature embryos after self-pollination as explants, and after 4-5 times subculture, a large number of somatic embryos were detected on the surface of the embryonic calli on the medium. The intact somatic embryos were transferred into the(More)
A Sec14-like protein, ZmSEC14p , from maize was structurally analyzed and functionally tested. Overexpression of ZmSEC14p in transgenic Arabidopsis conferred tolerance to cold stress. Sec14-like proteins are involved in essential biological processes, such as phospholipid metabolism, signal transduction, membrane trafficking, and stress response. Here, we(More)
UNLABELLED To date, transcriptome profile analysis of maize seedlings in response to cold stress have been well documented; however, changes in protein species abundance of maize seedlings in response to cold stress are still unknown. Herein, leaves from the maize inbred line W9816 (a cold-resistance genotype) were harvested at three-leaf stage, and were(More)
Somatic embryogenesis is a complex developmental process that offers great potential for plant propagation. Although many studies have shown that the generation of embryonic cells from somatic cells is accompanied by the synthesis of RNA and DNA and by elevated enzymatic activity, the mechanism of the onset of somatic embryogenesis is not well understood.(More)
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