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This paper considers the problems of robust stability and stabilization for uncertain continuous singular systems with state delay. The parametric uncertainty is assumed to be norm-bounded. The purpose of the robust stability problem is to give conditions such that the uncertain singular system is regular, impulse free and stable for all admissible(More)
This note provides an improved asymptotic stability condition for time-delay systems in terms of a strict linear matrix inequality. Unlike previous methods, the mathematical development avoids bounding certain cross terms which often leads to conservatism. When time-varying norm-bounded uncertainties appear in a delay system, an improved robust(More)
To study the impact of inflammation/sepsis on the concentrations of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) in plasma and urine in adult intensive care unit (ICU) patients and to estimate the predictive properties of NGAL in plasma and urine for early detection of acute kidney injury (AKI) in patients with septic shock. Sixty-five patients(More)
A 45 kDa-protein was purified from the granules of human neutrophils. The protein consists of two apparently identical subunits. The isoelectric point was pH 8.40, and the molecular weight 45 kDa (unreduced) or 24 kDa (reduced). Treatment of the protein with Endoglucosidase F resulted in a reduction in the molecular weight to 20 kDa, indicating the presence(More)