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Automatic Measuring Approach and Device for Mature Rapeseed's Plant Type Parameters
The system, which automatically extracts plant type parameters with high throughput and high precision, is of practical value as it can effectively reduce the labor intensity of researchers and provide important basic data for the research of rapeseed breeding and agricultural machinery design. Expand
A novel 3D convex surface reconstruction method based on visual hull
3D reconstruction is one of main techniques for computer vision. A novel 3D convex surface reconstruction method is presented in this paper, which is based on visual hull principle. The real objectExpand
A novel approach for computing exact visual hull from silhouettes
A novel method to compute exact visual hull by taking advantage of surface-based approaches while retaining the simplicity and robustness of volume- based approaches is proposed. Expand
Prediction algorithm based on web mining for multimedia objects in next-generation Digital Earth
A prediction algorithm based on data mining especially for multimedia objects in next–generation Digital Earth achieves higher efficiency than the other general or no prefetching ones. Expand
Constructing three-dimensional plant stems model from images
A novel volumetric method based on line-based models to construct a 3-D model of real plant stems from images quickly, which can give precise results together with low time complexity and space complexity. Expand
Navigation Path Detection for Cotton Field Operator Robot Based on Horizontal Spline Segmentation
Visual navigationis-oneﻷ one-size-fits-allﻵes-all £1,500-2,000-3,300-4,000 euros per person, on-the-spot-cost-of-service-enforced-by- UNESCO-accuracy-and-time-consistency criteria. Expand
Plant Type Parameters
+e plant type parameters, which can be used to track and study the morphological changes of crop organs, are of great importance for breeders and testers. Based on the structural characteristics ofExpand
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Phenotype Nondestructive Measurement Technology for Rape Roots
  • Rui Liang, Shengyong Xu
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 40th International Conference on Distributed…
  • 1 November 2020
The main content of this paper is the 3D reconstruction technology for rape roots and the measurement methods for their key traits, and a series of algorithms to measure the surface area, volume, number of primary lateral roots and length of taproot based on the huge point cloud data obtained from3D reconstruction. Expand
An Automatic Calibration Method in the Crop Architecture 3D Scanner
A DLT-based automatic method of calibration, in which the calibration reference points are detected automatically and a series of calibration parameters are calculated, guaranteeing the calibration precision but also simplifying the calibration operation comparing with the traditional manual calibration method. Expand