Shengyong Hu

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The evolution of gene families can be best understood by studying the modern organization and functions of family members, and by comparing parallel families in different species. In this study, the CYP2ABFGST gene cluster has been characterized in rat and compared to the syntenic clusters in mouse and human, providing an interesting example of gene family(More)
In multicellular organisms, morphogenesis is a highly coordinated process that requires dynamically regulated adhesion between cells. An excellent example of cellular morphogenesis is the formation of the neural tube from the flattened epithelium of the neural plate. Cysteine-rich motor neuron protein 1 (CRIM1) is a single-pass (type 1) transmembrane(More)
The Six/sine oculis proteins are homeodomain transcription factors that are part of the Pax/Eya/Six/Dach retinal determination cascade involved in embryonic cell fate determination. There are six mammalian Six homologues, divided into three classes on the basis of sequence homology. In the present study we examined the DNA-binding specificity and mechanisms(More)
We have annotated and analyzed sequences from the CYP2ABFGST gene cluster for the chimpanzee and the Rhesus macaque, and compared them in detail to the complete map of the syntenic human cluster. While the macaque cluster has accumulated substantial differences in gene number and organization relative to the other two species, the chimpanzee cluster has(More)
Coal roadway driving is an important part of the underground mining system, and very common in Chinese coal mines. However, the high concentration of respirable dust produced in the blasting operation poses a great hazard to miners’ health as well as the underground environment. In this paper, based on the direct simulation Monte Carlo method, the gas–solid(More)
Using biogenic nanoscale metals (Fe, Cu, ZnO, Se) to supplement into diet premix of reproductive LV (a Vietnamese Luong Phuong chicken breed) chickens resulted in certain improvement of poultry farming. The experimental data obtained showed that the farming indices depend mainly on the quantity of nanocrystalline metals which replaced the inorganic mineral(More)
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