Shengyong Hu

Richard A. Lang1
Susan M G Hoffman1
1Richard A. Lang
1Susan M G Hoffman
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In multicellular organisms, morphogenesis is a highly coordinated process that requires dynamically regulated adhesion between cells. An excellent example of cellular morphogenesis is the formation of the neural tube from the flattened epithelium of the neural plate. Cysteine-rich motor neuron protein 1 (CRIM1) is a single-pass (type 1) transmembrane(More)
We have annotated and analyzed sequences from the CYP2ABFGST gene cluster for the chimpanzee and the Rhesus macaque, and compared them in detail to the complete map of the syntenic human cluster. While the macaque cluster has accumulated substantial differences in gene number and organization relative to the other two species, the chimpanzee cluster has(More)
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