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Color Active Contour Models Based Tongue Segmentation in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Automated tongue image segmentation in tongue diagnosis system of traditional Chinese medicine is difficult due to two factors: There are lots of pathological details on the surface of tongue, andExpand
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A novel fragments-based tracking algorithm using mean shift
Multiple image fragments have been used to represent the target for tracking in a video sequence. It is proved to be able to maintain spatial information of the target. In this paper, following theExpand
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Color-Texture Image Segmentation by Combining Region and Photometric Invariant Edge Information
An improved approach for JSEG algorithm is proposed for unsupervised color-texture image segmentation. The region and photometric invariant edge information are combined. A novel measure forExpand
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Accurate extraction of infrared target based on graph cut
A novel coarse-to-fine approach to extract an infrared target is proposed. First, a confined region which contains the entire object is obtained based on the weighted information entropy feature.Expand
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Robust and efficient fragments-based tracking using mean shift
Abstract Representing a target with multiple image fragments has been used for tracking in a video sequence and proved to be able to preserve the spatial information. However, this kind of targetExpand
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Target tracking in infrared imagery using a novel particle filter
To address two challenging problems in infrared target tracking, target appearance changes and unpredictable abrupt motions, a novel particle filtering based tracking algorithm is introduced. In thisExpand
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Interactive object extraction using hierarchical graph cuts
Foreground object extraction, which aims to accurately separate a foreground object from its background in still images, plays an important role in many computer vision applications. An interactiveExpand
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Unsupervised color-texture image segmentation
The measure J in J value segmentation (JSEG) fails to represent the discontinuity of color, which degrades the robustness and discrimination of JSEG. An improved approach for JSEG algorithm wasExpand
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Bayesian moving object detection in dynamic scenes using an adaptive foreground model
Accurate detection of moving objects is an important step in stable tracking or recognition. By using a nonparametric density estimation method over a joint domain-range representation of imageExpand
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Use Fukunaga-Koontz Transform to Solve Occlusion Problems in Multitarget Tracking
For multitarget tracking problems, occlusions between targets are quite tough tasks. We present a novel algorithm to solve such problems. For the two targets in occlusions, Fukunaga-Koontz transformExpand
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