Shengxiang Xia

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The method of computational homology is used to analyze natural image 8 × 8 and 9 × 9-patches locally. Our experimental results show that there exist subspaces of the spaces of 8× 8 and 9× 9-patches that are topologically equivalent to a circle and a Klein bottle respectively. These extend the results of the paper ”on the local behavior of spaces of natural(More)
With the rapid development of computing power and information processing ability, some efficient numerical methods are developed to deal with the complex problems. In this paper, efficient finite difference method is introduced to solve the nonlinear Laplacian problem, in which two variables can be approximated simultaneously. Calculation scheme is(More)
In this paper we use the nudged elastic band technique from computational chemistry to investigate sampled highdimensional data from a natural image database. We randomly sample 8×8 and 9×9 high-contrast patches of natural images and create a density estimator believed as a Morse function. By the Morse function we build one-dimensional cell complexes from(More)
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