Shengwei Pei

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A new video coding method is presented in this paper, which has been applied to the remote microscope monitoring system (RMMS). Using a criterion deduced from DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) and quantization formulas and a criterion gotten by researching the characteristic of DCT coefficients distribution and experiment results, the method can detect(More)
In this paper, a method based on wavelet and multi-band wavelet lifting scheme is proposed for high-resolution image reconstruction. By expressing the true image as a square integrable function, point spread function (PSF) can be used to construct biorthogonal wavelet filters directly, thus an iterative algorithm for high-resolution image reconstruction can(More)
This paper presents two video coding algorithms that are adopted in remote microscope monitoring system (RMMS). Due to translation motion of the specimen, all macro-blocks (MB) in a group of block (GOB) can share a common motion vector (CMV) that is the average of the first few MBs' motion vectors in the GOB. By using the CMV, the first algorithm reduces(More)
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