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OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to explore the anti-tumor effect of ultrasound -targeted microbubble destruction mediated herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase (HSV-TK) suicide gene system on mice hepatoma. METHODS Forty mice were randomly divided into four groups after the models of subcutaneous transplantation tumors were established: (1) PBS;(More)
BACKGROUND High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a widely applied to treatment for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma. However, insufficient HIFU can result in rapid progression of the residual tumor. The mechanism of such rapid growth of the residual tumor after HIFU ablation is poorly understood. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to(More)
OBJECTIVE To summarize the diagnosis and treatment of juxta-ampullary duodenal diverticulum (JAD) in our hospital. METHODS Of 5000 consecutive endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) performed in our department, 225 patients were diagnosed with JAD and treated. All patients were classified based on the location of Ampullae of Vater in(More)
Closed frequent itemsets provide a minimal representation of the itemset without losing their support information and they can greatly reduce the number of patterns. So how to obtain all the closed frequent itemsets effectively is of good importance. This paper constructs a FP-Tree according the matrix which only scans the database once. Also we design an(More)
Exome and whole-genome sequencing studies have drawn attention to the role of somatic mutations in SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complexes in the carcinogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Here, we explored the molecular mechanisms underlying the biological roles of AT-rich interactive domain 2 (ARID2) in the pathogenesis of HCC. We found that ARID2(More)
The stability prediction of rock slopes is a key and complicated problem. We took 24 typical rock slopes in hydropower engineering regions in China as examples, to build distance discriminant analysis (DDA) model with posterior probability for slope stability prediction. The 5 combined indexes, i. e, slope rock mass quality coefficient (SRMR), orientation(More)
Cottonseed protein is underutilized due to the presence of pigment gland containing a toxic compound called gossypol. Cotton produces gossypol and related compounds in various tissues to protect itself against microbial, insect, and rodent attacks. Understanding the mechanism of cotton pigment gland formation and regulation of gossypol biosynthesis will(More)
A basic goal in the development of recombinant proteins is the generation of cell lines that express the desired protein stably over many generations. Here, we constructed engineered Chinese hamster ovary cell lines (CHO-S) with a pCHO-hVR1 vector that carried an extracellular domain of a VEGF receptor (VR) fusion gene. Forty-five clones with high hVR1(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative biliary drainage (PBD) has been widely used to treat patients with malignant biliary obstruction. However, it is still unclear which method of PBD (endoscopic nasobiliary drainage or endoscopic biliary stenting) is more effective. Thus, we carried out a meta-analysis to compare the safety and efficacy of endoscopic nasobiliary(More)
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