Shengtian Yang

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The thiophene moiety is considered a structural alert in molecular design in drug discovery, largely because several thiophene-containing drugs, including tienilic acid and suprofen, have been withdrawn from the market because of toxicities. Reactive thiophene intermediates, activated via sulfur oxidation or ring epoxidation, are possible culprits for these(More)
Riparian ecosystems have critical impacts on controlling the non-point source pollution and maintaining the health of aquatic ecosystems. In this study, a process oriented soil denitrification model was extended with algorithms from a simple nitrogen (N) cycle model and coupled to land surface remote sensing data to enhance its performance in spatial and(More)
We have discovered a novel class of nonsteroidal pyrazoline antagonists of the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) that show excellent potency and selectivity against other nuclear receptors. Early analogues were poorly soluble and had a propensity to inhibit the hERG channel. Remarkably, both of these challenges were overcome by incorporation of a single(More)
We derive an upper bound on the average MAP decoding error probability of random linear SW codes for arbitrary correlated stationary memoryless sources defined on Galois fields. By using this tool, we analyze the performance of SW codes based on LDPC codes and random permutations, and show that under some conditions, all but a diminishingly small proportion(More)
The average weight distribution of a regular low-density parity-check (LDPC) code ensemble over a finite field is thoroughly analyzed. In particular, a precise asymptotic approximation of the average weight distribution is derived for the small-weight case, and a series of fundamental qualitative properties of the asymptotic growth rate of the average(More)
In the authors' former work, it was proved by the code-spectrum approach that linear codes with good joint spectra serve as good candidates for lossless joint source channel coding (JSCC). However, it is still unknown how to construct such codes in practice. This paper aims to present some methods for constructing linear codes with good joint spectra, and(More)
Nonimmunosuppressive cyclophilin inhibitors have demonstrated efficacy for the treatment of hepatitis C infection (HCV). However, alisporivir, cyclosporin A, and most other cyclosporins are potent inhibitors of OATP1B1, MRP2, MDR1, and other important drug transporters. Reduction of the side chain hydrophobicity of the P4 residue preserves cyclophilin(More)
The random matrix uniformly distributed over the set of all m-by-n matrices over a finite field plays an important role in many branches of information theory. In this paper a generalization of this random matrix, called k-good random matrices, is studied. It is shown that a k-good random m-by-n matrix with a distribution of minimum support size is(More)
We think about the problem of reliable transmission of information over AWGN channels using rateless codes. We introduce a new family of rateless codes, named the accumulate rateless (AR) codes, which is easy to construct as traditional LT codes but has better performance and lower complexity. We investigate the performance of AR codes over AWGN channels,(More)
A general lossless joint source-channel coding scheme based on linear codes is proposed and then analyzed in this paper. It is shown that a linear code with good joint spectrum can be used to establish limit-approaching joint source-channel coding schemes for arbitrary sources and channels, where the joint spectrum of the code is a generalization of the(More)