Shengsheng Yu

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The study investigated the real-world relationship between teriparatide adherence and persistence and fracture outcomes in a US claims database. Fracture risk was estimated to decrease as adherence and persistence increased for any clinical, vertebral, and non-vertebral fractures. Greater emphasis on programs to increase patient adherence may improve(More)
Effective appearance models are one critical factor for robust object tracking. In this paper, we introduce foreground feature saliency concept into the background modelling, and put forward a novel foreground saliency-based background-weighted histogram scheme (FSBWH) for target representation and tracking, which exploits salient features from both(More)
Estimating the number of people passing a gate or a door provides useful information for video-based surveillance and monitoring applications. This paper describes a robust method for bi-directional people counting. The method includes three steps: moving people detecting, tracking and counting. A new algorithm of detecting for moving people based on edge(More)
OBJECTIVE The D1 model that was developed to predict US societal preferences for EQ-5D health states addressed several important conceptual and statistical issues. However, it has been criticized for being too complex, failing to account for the nonnormal distribution of health state values, and the transformation of preferences for worse-than-death health(More)
Intra 4times4 is one of the two primary intra prediction types supported in H.264/AVC. For intra 4times4 prediction, eight modes are to capture orientations of images with DC mode to reflect flat regions. Therefore the smoothly-varying regions which are very common in ordinary images can not be well decorrelated. In this paper, to improve decorrelation(More)
Location estimation is significant in mobile and ubiquitous computing systems. The complexity and smaller scale of the indoor environment impose a great impact on location estimation. The key of location estimation lies in the representation and fusion of uncertain information from multiple sources. The improvement of location estimation is a complicated(More)
The object tracking problem in a nonlinear and/or non-Gaussian circumstance can be solved by particle filter estimation based on the concept of sequential importance sampling and the use of Bayesian theory. An improved object tracking scheme is proposed, which is based on the Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) particle filter and object color distribution.(More)
Due to Fuzzy logic can help in handling the imprecise nature and uncertainty of trust, some papers use several fuzzy logic methods(such as fuzzy inference and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation) to tackle trust modeling for P2P-based system. However, nobody summarizes difference of these fuzzy logic methods. In this paper, authors present a general fuzzy trust(More)
Variable length decoding (VLD) is inherent bit-serial operation and is the first stage of the whole video decoding task, the overall decoding system performance is determined by its throughput and efficiency. In this paper, a scheme for decoding of discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficients is presented The DCT VLD tables are split into two different(More)
This paper describes a secure and synthesis ophthalmology telemedicine system, referred to as TeleOph. Under a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) channel, patient prerecorded data can be safely transferred via the Internet. With encrypted videoconference and white-board, the system not only supports hospital-to-clinic consultation, but also supplies(More)