Shengrong Tang

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Given a P 1 conforming or nonconforming Galerkin finite element method (GFEM) solution p h , which approximates the exact solution p of the diffusion-reaction equation −∇ · K∇p + αp = f with full tensor variable coefficient K, we evaluate the approximate flux u h to the exact flux u = −K∇p by a simple but physically intuitive formula over each finite(More)
Given the anisotropic Poisson equation −∇ · K∇p = f , one can convert it into a system of two first order PDEs: the Darcy law for the flux u = −K∇p and conservation of mass ∇ · u = f. A very natural mixed finite volume method for this system is to seek the pressure in the nonconforming P1 space and the Darcy velocity in the lowest order Raviart-Thomas(More)
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