Shengrong Lin

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Mounting evidence suggests that transcription and RNA processing are intimately coupled in vivo, although each process can occur independently in vitro. It is generally thought that polymerase II (Pol II) C-terminal domain (CTD) kinases are recruited near the transcription start site to overcome initial Pol II pausing events, and that stably bound kinases(More)
A common goal in the discovery of rare functional DNA variants via medical resequencing is to incur a relatively lower proportion of false positive base-calls. We developed a novel statistical method for resequencing arrays (SRMA, sequence robust multi-array analysis) to increase the accuracy of detecting rare variants and reduce the costs in subsequent(More)
BACKGROUND A sensitive, high-throughput method for monitoring pre-mRNA splicing on a genomic scale is needed to understand the spectrum of alternatively spliced mRNA in human cells. RESULTS We adapted Molecular Inversion Probes (MIPs), a padlock-probe based technology, for the multiplexed capture and quantitation of individual splice events in human(More)
BACKGROUD Primary pancreatic paraganglioma is an extremely rare extra-adrenal paraganglioma. CASE PRESENTATION We report a case of primary pancreatic paraganglioma undergoing middle segment pancreatectomy in a 42-year-old woman. Histological examination showed that the tumor was composed of well-defined nests of cuboidal cells separated by vascular(More)
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