Shengqiang Shen

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According to the character of straw pellet fuel cold molding technology, the compressing process was modeled by Finite Element Modeling (FEM) structure analysis tools. This indicated the variation laws between the stress and the strain, and the influence of the structure parameters of the die on the stress and the strain. It’s concluded from the work that(More)
The paper assumes the heat-pump-surrounding (HPS) system as a gray system and makes a gray model, GM (1, N), for the HPS system to assess the system exergy efficiency. It attains the system exergy efficiency laws of the HPS system through some steps including the gray relationship analysis, creating gray number, setting up GM (1, N) model, and so on and(More)
This research provides an optimal design of structural parameters for ring-die granulators used in the cool briquetting process. Experimental research on the briquetting rate of pellets was carried out for three kinds of crop straws with different granularities, moisture ratios, and lengthdiameter ratios of the die hole. Results showed that: when the swoop(More)
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