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In this paper, we present a new framework for non-rigid structure from motion (NRSFM) that simultaneously addresses three significant challenges: severe occlusion, perspective camera projection, and large non-linear deformation. We introduce a concept called a model graph, which greatly reduces the computational cost of discovering groups of input images(More)
To counter the problem of acquiring and processing huge amounts of data for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) using traditional sampling techniques, a method for sparse SAR imaging with an optimized azimuthal aperture is presented. The equivalence of an azimuthal match filter and synthetic array beamforming is shown so that optimization of the azimuthal sparse(More)
We propose a novel regularization model for stereo matching that uses large neighborhood windows. The model is based on the observation that in a local neighborhood there exists a linear relationship between pixel values and disparities. Compared to the traditional boundary preserving regularization models that use adjacent pixels, the proposed model is(More)