Shengnan Zhang

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Nowadays, the users of IPTV require better user experience and the media providers are interested in finding the key factors which will influence the Quality of Experience (QoE) and the way to predict the QoE. In this paper, we discuss the relationship between the status of IPTV set-top box and user's QoE. We first clean the dataset and conduct some(More)
The superiority of the use of virtual reality technology to construct network 3D virtual stadiums is obvious. In order to overcome the insufficiency of the traditional method in the dynamic scene modeling, the paper proposes a kind of Virtual Scene description of the parameterized model and building method based on a new generation of virtual modeling(More)
In order to improve the accuracy of fuzzy clustering of datasets with missing attributes, a hybrid clustering algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm determines the estimation intervals of missing attributes by the Nearest Neighbor method and the ranges of cluster centers by seeking the maximum and minimum of attributes, which constitute the(More)
The emergence of network television (IPTV) has heavily promoted development of the technology and prosperity of the market in the TV industry. In order to win in the fierce competition, IPTV content providers need to be sure to provide users with interesting service, and operators also need to ensure quality of service transmission so that they can improve(More)
—A fast method of detecting and automatic marking ellipses in the circle array target image sequences with high quality and strong regular pattern is proposed in this paper. This method collects a small amount of edge points from the ellipse by directly scanning the target image and searching for jumpy-changing of pixels, which can be used to identify the(More)
Aim at the target image with high quality and strong regular pattern, a fast ellipse detection method is presented in this paper. According to the topological structure of the target pattern, the method quickly collects edge points and calculates the possible ellipses, then verifies the possible ellipses to further determine the final correct geometric(More)
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